Last Note

Last Note

Anna Seidman


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Whoever decided that the only constant in life is change never consulted Monica Lawrence. She resists every new reality that comes her way during her high school and college years, from a diagnosis of diabetes to a new stepfather who she swears is trying to be as different from her real dad as possible. The person who sees her through it all is Kelly, who has been her best friend ever since Monica offered Kelly help (okay, probably too much help) in history class during their sophomore year of high school.

Kelly impulsively ties the knot at twenty while Monica fiercely guards her independence, leading to unspoken resentment until one day the two finally go their separate ways. When Kelly shows up at Monica’s door two years after the friends’ “break up”, embroiled in a scenario straight out of Jerry Springer, will Monica try to reserve her judgment and let Kelly back into her life; or will she, for the first time ever, embrace a break with the past?