Cannibal Cookbook

Cannibal Cookbook

Edward Gray


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The expression “To Serve Man” historically has had a number of usages, going back much further in time than the contemporary mindless store clerk’s nasal intoning of the ever annoying and irritatingly familiar, “Can I help you?” For its original meaning, one must go back to at least 1000 BC to find physical and pictorial evidence in ancient caves of the distasteful practice of really and truly serving man — as well as, woman and child. Sometimes the delectable dinner ingredients were slaves, often war captives, at times dear old friends and on occasion, expendable family members!


Edward Gray:
EDWARD GRAY is a retired Chemical Engineering executive. A great Grandfather, he lives in Arizona with his artist wife, Barbara. He is the author of the non fiction book, “Call a Bomb a Rifle” It should have been subtitled “Travels With My Angst”, and a novel, “Murder At The Met”. SANDI HOFF is a retired Human Resources Director who lives with her husband in Arizona. Sandi is the quintessential example of a “Foodie”, constantly seeking new food trends, culture and history and incorporating them into her own superb cooking.