Gross Anatomy: A Cadaver's Tale

Gross Anatomy: A Cadaver's Tale

Warren Stucki, M.D.


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For Keith Furness, it has been a long and difficult road, but he is finally fulfilling a lifelong dream: He is a freshman in medical school, and his first class of the morning is gross anatomy. Eddie (the cadaver), on the other hand, is definitely not so thrilled to be in attendance. Hovering above his lifeless body, he wonders, sometimes bitterly, why he signed up for this and why he still tarries here in the gross anatomy lab. And though he freely admits he can’t feel a thing, he grimaces with each new cut, mutilation, and/or indignity to his once beautiful body. Officially, the medical examiner’s office has ruled Eddie’s death a suicide, but Eddie knows it differently! And obviously, his killer is still at large. Coincidently, as a teenager, Keith had an older brother suffering with a drug problem, who ran away, allegedly became homeless, and eventually vanished. Neither Keith nor his father has heard from him in years.


Warren Stucki, M.D.:
As a graduate of The University of Utah School of Medicine, Doctor Stucki practiced urology in St. George, Utah, for over thirty years. During that time, he served as chief of surgery, chief of staff and as a member of the hospital governing board. Though working full-time, he also managed to pen and publish six novels: Boy’s Pond, Hunting for Hippocrates, Sagebrush Sedition, Hemorrhage, Mountain Mayhem and The Reluctant Carnivore. Presently, he resides on a small horse ranch in southern Utah with his wife, his horses, and two Labrador retrievers.