Second Language Cultural Negotiation and Visual Literacy

Second Language Cultural Negotiation and Visual Literacy

Comics in Class

Alec Lapidus


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Second Language Cultural Negotiation and Visual Literacy looks at the theory behind cultural learning at the intersection of culture, visuals, and emotions and offers a theoretical and practical foundation upon which teachers can build.

Bringing to light theoretical work from multilingual sources, this book illuminates the process of second language cultural negotiation as subjective, affective, and reliant on imagination and applies this theoretical basis to using comics inside and outside the classroom. It re-examines the popular Vygotskian concept of meaning making in the Zone of Proximal Development and identifies sequential art as a unique and legitimate academic medium that can enable cultural negotiation in a diverse and increasingly globalized society. This book explores the mechanism employed by English language learners reading comics to make meaning.

Lapidus establishes interdisciplinary research as a valuable form of research and draws upon the concept of multiliteracies to illuminate the multimodal nature of meaning making. Presenting theory and its practical ramifications, this book will be of interest to undergraduate and graduate students, language teachers, and anyone who enjoys exploring the way humans learn.


Alec Lapidus:
Alec Lapidus is associate professor in the school of education and human development at the University of Southern Maine.