New Perspectives on Youth Economy

Mohamed Buheji, Dunya Ahmed


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Youth is a unique period in any human life, where it is time for our optimum curiosity and early productivity. This book brings in Youthineering, a concept that was developed by the international inspiration economy project (IIEP) to focus on solving socio-economic problems through optimising the intrinsic resources within the targeted youth communities. Youthineering focuses on transforming the youth mindset in the beneficiary communities from ‘youth of capital-based economy’ to ‘youth economy creators’. Then, developing the services relevant to youth according to structured programs (i.e. offering structured sustainable youth education, care, development, etc.) that lead to the advancement of youth contribution to their community. Dr Buheji & Dr Ahmed present through the chapters of this book new approaches that help to involve and then engage youth in solving the most complex challenges, today and in the foresighted future. The applied researches presented in the chapters show how the increase of realisation of youth economy would transform us into a better world, with less poverty and more opportunities while addressing both youth development and advancement.


Mohamed Buheji: